Eternal Hedgehogs

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USDA License # 34-A-0194

Class A Breeder

USDA License # 34-A-0194

Class A Breeder

We often carry unique, hedgehog related items in our Etsy shop.  Please drop in to see what is available.

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Eternal Hedgehogs is committed to providing happy, healthy, and well socialized hedgehogs to the families who adore them!  We are located in Southeastern Michigan and are USDA licensed and family operated.  We feel very blessed that the Lord has given us a hobby to enjoy as an entire family!!  Please take a moment to look around our site and get a feel for how we do things. 

We HIGHLY discourage impulse purchases, as well as purchasing a hedgehog as a gift when the buyer themselves has expressed no interest in the pet.  This does not mean we expect you to have handled 50 different hedgehogs, researched them for a year, and joined all the hedgehog forums.  It simply means we want you to have a general idea about hedgehog behavior and care, whether it is from our site or other sources, so you can make the most informed decision possible.  Our contract protects all parties involved and also serves to prevent breeding of our pet hedgies.   If you would like a sample of our contract emailed to you, please contact us via our contact form.

All babies come with a 1 year guarantee against genetic defects, as well as a lifetime guarantee for WHS.  If you are new to hedgehogs, please take the time to read through our Hedgehog FAQ's and Hedgehog Care pages. 
Please see our Available Babies page for additional information.



Now Located in Oxford, Michigan

Meet Our Family

Mike & Ashley Ganey with son's Hunter, Levi, & Gauge.

...We've expanded our herd!!

We welcomed our 4th son, Kade, in February of 2015 and are now expecting baby boy #5 in November of 2016.